Replacing the Gas Engine Across Planet Earth

Because electric propulsion is better than burning fuel. When designed correctly, electric drives are faster, more powerful, go farther, are quieter, need little maintenance, cost less to operate, are more reliable, safer, provide a better customer experience, and most importantly: move the human race forward.

The World’s Best Powertrain Technology

The Mission R.

The world’s best motorcycle.

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Mark Seeger, Founder & CEO
Mark Seeger, Founder & CEO

Mark founded the Mission Electric Company and oversees the company's strategy of bringing to market electric powertrains that outperform combustion engines on performance, experience, and price. This includes the design, engineering and manufacturing of the most advanced production motorcycles in existence, the Mission RS and the Mission R—the highest performing street-legal production electric vehicles ever made. These two models are the first in broad line of products engineered to achieve the company's mission of bringing the superior performance and benefits of electric powertrains to affordability for consumers in categories currently limited because they burn a fuel.

It’s time we move away from the slow, noisy, overbearing vibrations that characterize the limits of internal combustion technology and move to something better. We need new and better tools as we tackle the challenges of the next century, tools that move us faster and farther, tools that are more powerful, quieter, last longer, cost less, and are safer.

The Mission Electric Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. All of Mission’s products 100% designed and built in the United States of America.

We are looking for the world’s best talent. Our challenges are enormous. They will result in the best work of your career.

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